Activision’s patented method to drive microtransactions with matchmaking

Jump to content. Veni, Vidi, Lusi. Gentleman Tanker. Destroyer, on 05 February – AM, said:. I guess you are playing your old account when MM is bad so that the winrate in your new account is not affected? I just checked, and watched the replay.


Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Percentage of vote: 6. Percentage of vote: 2. I find the changes exactly as bad as I expected.

Matchmaking Fairness – posted in General Discussion: Its not something that really concerned me at first because I was only play tier 7, 8 and 9.

Jump to content. We al get those players in randoms so that’s why it is fair. SBMM is not fair because skilled players would always get worse teammates than bad players. Well, that’s your opinion – respect it, but disagree with it. Just because you think something is vague, it doesnt actually mean it is. Whether something is fair or not is a subjective mental concept.

Matchmaking Fairness

Controversially I think the MM is okay. Sometimes you get good teams, sometimes bad. Sometimes you’re top, sometimes not. Sometimes you dominate, sometimes you don’t. I’m agree with that.

Matchmaking – posted in Tech Corner: Could someone plz explain the fairness in this mm??? not taking my position en this, just in general.

Jump to content. I have sent the following to Wargaming. I am sure I will receive the usual generic response. My one intense hate in the game is the unfairness of the MM. Claims have been made they are continually trying to fix it, or make the teams somewhat even. The simple fact is that unless you factor in skill level of the players, teams will never be close to being somewhat even. I write this after years of this opinion. My last three days have been horrendous, capped this morning by 5 straight lopsided loses.

I understand that 5 games is not near large enough example but it is very typical of what is happening

Matchmaking random wot

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Jump to content. Matchmaking in world of tanks as always been considered by yourselves as a complex system, but its just based on tank weight and tier, it doesn’t take into account player skill. This makes many battles a fight for luck, knowing your team are scrubs or just knowing that you will win from the get go. Matchmaking desperately needs to be based on WN8 as well as Tier and Weight , which will overall help to make battles more balanced. In my experience over the pasted 5 years this as been a long running issue that needs better attention.

No one cares, i have made a complain about the fact that 2 players has kiled me, and support show me to read the ban sistem, told me they will be banned someday and they dont interfere with ban sistem. Matchmaking desperately needs to be based on WN8 as well as Tier and Weight ,. Schemezoid, on 24 December – PM, said:.

The REAL problem with WOT MatchMaking. Hope you read it.

Jump to content. Edited by Jbnn, 06 February – AM. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks. NoPoet, on 04 February – AM, said:. TDs seem to be roughly balanced on both sides, both teams have 2 top tier heavies and a bunch of lower tier mediums.

only matches you against other people below a certain level threshold for fairness. The KV-1 doesn’t even have the L11 in WoT – it starts straight with the Zis Matchmaking is used to secretly benefit players that pay and are premium to.

In a US patent filed in and approved yesterday, Activision outlines an online matchmaking system designed to “drive microtransactions in multiplayer video games” and “influence game-related purchases. Patent , for a ” System and method for driving microtransactions in multiplayer video games ,” describes a number of matchmaking algorithms that a game could use to encourage players to purchase additional in-game items.

But the patent itself shows a decent amount of thought being put into various ways to maximize the chances of players purchasing in-game items based on their online gameplay partners. Such matching would be based largely on “the potential interest of the in-game item to the first player, and Potential interest in an in-game item would be determined by “an express preference” or a “derived preference The microtransaction engine may match the junior player with a player that is a highly skilled sniper in the game.

After a purchase, the matchmaking system could “encourage future purchases by matching the player Further Reading PC Shadow of War players cheat to get around loot box grind As publishers increasingly turn to post-launch content like loot boxes and DLC to try to drag more revenue out of players, it’s natural they’d at least look into these kind of algorithmic methods for increasing those purchase rates in online games. That said, the idea of matchmaking to raise revenues rather than to connect players of similar skill is likely to rub some players the wrong way.

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+2/-2 matchmaking?

Greetings everyone. So obviously the higher tier ship players will most likely also have more experience with the game, and thus potentially also better skill and knowledge about the game. Getting matches after matches where you’re among the lowest tier ships in the match, and not only that you might even be greatly outnumbered, is just outright horrible. In my opinion they should make the matches equal tier matches, or buff the lower tier ships so they match the highest tier ships in all the respective values for their respective type, not just armor, hp and damage potential.

Why do I think this? Because it needs to be properly balanced with regards to it being player vs.

Posts about Scout Matchmaking written by tinker In a word, fairness. I am not Since this is my ‘thoughts’ about WoT I’ve been thinking about win ratios.

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The Fairness Of A Match

The Covenanter was designed to fill this need. Nuffield helped with the design of the turret for this tank but declined to take part in production, preferring to field their own tank using the same turret- the Crusader. This misapprehension is in part because the Covenanter was relegated to the role of a training tank and used to equip Home Guard units while the Crusader went into front-line service, mainly in Africa.

What do you think of the current matchmaking in both World of Tanks and Anyone whining about tier spread havent played wot long enough to have There is no honor and fairness in this game despite the way you are led.

The tier of your vehicle is the only factor used when determining which vehicles it is possible for you to be matched against. Each tier of tank has a spread of possible tiers that they are able to be matched against relative to their own tier as follows:. A small number of Premium tanks and researchable tanks have a reduced upper Battle Tier spread.

Three templates are used by the matchmaker to create games. Finally games where all tanks are of the same tier can occur, however the matchmaker will try to make a game of one of the other template types first. There will never be more top tier tanks than middle or bottom tier tanks. The classes within tiers are mirrored as best the matchmaker can achieve without sacrificing queue times.

Additionally, the matchmaker attempts to match tanks in the same subclass and tier such as Superheavies e. Maus , E , Type 5 Heavy etc.

WOT – Match Maker Says… Screw You