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It’s Called a Party for a Reason

In the time that it takes to read this sentence, a handful of Tupperware parties all across the world have probably just started. The company estimates that a new Tupperware party kicks off somewhere every 3 seconds, but the gatherings aren’t limited to the American suburbs where they first took off [source: Brown ]. Despite their kitschy reputation, Tupperware parties take place in more than countries, with , happening every year in France alone [source: Brady ]. The get-togethers have also become popular elsewhere, including in India, with Tupperware managers hosting 3, every week in Delhi [source: Westhead ].

And that’s only a snapshot of the total number of Tupperware parties happening across the Asian country, where tens of thousands of women sell the plastic products [source: Singh and Shankar ].

Left: A happy Tupperware party from Tupperware Dating Diary (). Below: Intervention is necessary in Jane’s Husband Drank Too Much! (). [© custom​.

A delightful one-hander written by Kris Andersson, produced by Down South LLC, and meticulously directed by Patrick Richwood, an evening with Dixie will undoubtedly alter your opinion of Tupperware forever. On entering the lobby, audience members were given name tags, and shortly after taking their seats, and before the invisible curtain went up, they were welcomed by the imposing Dixie Longate, costumed in a red checked dress and a large bouffant red wig.

She worked the audience by passing out candy, chatting, flirting, posing for photos, giving hugs, and smiling the whole time as she walked up and down the stairs on audience left and right. Whatever was on your mind and perhaps weighing you down disappeared and you knew that a funny, entertaining evening awaited you. The scripted and unscripted storyline revolves around Dixie, a statuesque southern belle who apparently left her children in a trailer park in Mobile, Alabama and travelled across the country selling Tupperware.

The action takes place on a simple set not credited brightly lit by Richard Winkler with complimentary sound design by Christopher K. The young lady was a great sport and although she blushed every now and then, laughed as heartily as the audience. She drinks scotch from a sippie cup which one of the ladies on a couch poured for her.

Actors refer to their bodies as their physical instruments, which includes being able to use the voice in a variety of ways. Dixie possesses an extensive vocal range, which runs the gamut from snorting, mumbling, swallowing lines, lowering her pitch to a whisper, and tossing out improvised barbs in rapid succession. Laughter was continuous as Dixie spat out her one-liners like a non-stop out-of-control bullet train.

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Do you need a laugh? Or are you an avid fan of all things tupperware and other storage containers? Stay cool and suck on plenty of ice. And drink booze — it helps hydration.

Jul 18, – Let me help you raise funds for your organization or team. Tupperware offers 40% profit. Date your fundraiser today.

You have a lot to choose from. The hardest part is deciding. Bistro sets, wicker collections, and colorful Adirondack chairs, just to name a few. We have you covered when you are ready to be outdoors in style. Give your patio or porch that added something special. Go crazy! Find out what the most popular items of the moment are and how folks are styling them at home.

The OTP Blog is your go-to source for all-around inspiration! I love the green accent wall and left it as well as the white dresser where my husband keeps all his clothes. I knew I needed some baskets that could hold all the things and still make my shelves look pretty and organized. It was a hard choice, but in the end, I went with what my neutral loving heart wanted….

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Fill your date book idea by Mary Kay ENSD Gloria Mayfield-Banks – QT Office Visit my Tupperware site for this week’s specials, flyer, and new products. Party.

When it comes to “adulting” , the only thing I’ve mastered wholeheartedly is wine. Since, responsibility comes with the job, I’m slowly learning to juggle that as it comes, but I had no idea that Tupperware and Tupperware parties were a thing. A month ago, a friend of mine invited me over to her place for a Tupperware party.

I was lowkey mind blown! There were so many interesting, useful things in the Tupperware catalog and, unlike my dollar store stash, they were all really great quality. Here are a few of my favorite items:. The FridgeSmart containers have a superior venting system that controls airflow and moisture. Some people have been able to use certain fruits or veggies up to two weeks after purchase by storing them in these cute, efficient containers.

If you hate wasting money on groceries, these could be a really good addition to your stash.

Catchy Tupperware Party Names

Tupperware is a home products line that includes preparation, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home. In , Earl Tupper developed his first bell shaped container; the brand products were introduced in the year to the public. The term “Tupperware” is often used generically to refer to plastic or glass food storage containers tubs with snap close lids. Tupperware develops, manufactures, and internationally distributes its products as a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company Tupperware Brands.

As of , it was marketed by means of approximately 1. In , the top marketplace of Tupperware was Indonesia , which topped Germany as the second.

Hostess a Online Tupperware Party, Date a Party & Get a free Gifts! Contact Creative ideas in crafts and upcycled, innovative, repurposed art and home decor​.

Tupperware party host benefits may be the biggest reason people agree to have a Tupperware party. They are the enticement – a “come-on” that makes people more willing to turn their homes into stores for a few hours. Tupperware party hosts have expenses and responsibilities, though, which should not be considered along with the rewards.

The host is usually responsible for sending out invitations for the Tupperware party. Follow-up phone calls will be necessary if you expect to have a successful party. Tupperware party hosts must spend time and money cleaning the home and preparing for the party. When the party ends and guests leave, the host will be responsible for cleaning up again. Refreshments are also the responsibility of a Tupperware party host. Even if the Tupperware consultant will prepare refreshments as part of his or her demonstration, the host will incur the expense.

If you choose a menu that allows the consultant to demonstrate a product you like and believe your guests will order, you can come out the winner. If you decide to host a Tupperware party, you will probably be left with the task of delivering orders, which will arrive at your home. You may ask people to pick them up, or you may take them to their homes. Either way, it will be your responsibility.


Spiral cut hams and leftovers from consumer cooked hams also have the same shelf life. Clear Latching Stacking Storage Boxes. If you want to make the cheese last longer, try covering it with olive oil before you store it, which can also add some flavor to the cheese.

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Today, Earl Tupper and Brownie Wise are remembered for their acrimonious split, but neither of the two entrepreneurs of s America would have been able to create Tupperware alone. The bowl was translucent like milk glass but more durable than any container before it. As Tupperware dealers would tout to their clients a few years later, it was perfect for the fridge or for outside entertaining.

In the years following World War II, plastics inventor Tupper designed novel products intended—unlike most plastics to date—for the consumer market. Before this, plastic goods were manufactured for use in the war as everything from insulation for wiring to truck parts, but not for home use. They were too different: plastic was an unfamiliar material in the home. Wise, a former advice columnist and a secretary who lived with her mother, Rose Humphrey, and her young son Jerry Wise in Miami, Florida, however, saw potential.

She started her own Tupperware-selling business, Patio Parties, in the late s and recruited women to sell for her. Hostesses received merchandise as a thank-you for providing their homes and social networks. At this point, however, Tupper himself was just catching on to the idea of home selling. The products came in delicious-sounding fruit colors like raspberry and orange or expensive-sounding gem tones like sapphire and frosted crystal.

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The Tupperware Party Moves to Social Media Tupperware’s marketing campaign tries to sell the idea that men who want to attract women.

A survey party can be very useful in your business. The first step is to download the Survey Party Script. Then choose one of the following surveys:. An auction party is used to increase sales, bookings and prompt payment of parties. You will need play money and prizes 2 for every 5 guests wrapped so guests do not know what is inside of package. Auction Party Instructions. Your only expenses are simple refreshments, door prizes, and party favors. Read more about the Everyone Wins Party. People who want to be involved in the Thursday Round Up might be friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members mom, sister, aunt, grandma.

People need to touch and feel our products and connect with each other — we are a relationship business — not a product selling business.

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