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When the owners of a s ranch-style East Hampton home wanted to transition from a traditional beach-inspired, weathered design to a modern haute habitat, they foresaw it would require extensive interior and exterior renovations. They believed leveling the original house was the only way to achieve the contemporary home of their dreams. Related Content: The Necessary Art. The complete redesign started from the outside in.

Stumer balanced the metal with warm woods elements: a cedar trellis screen wall that hides the garage entrance, a tongue-and-groove jointed cedar clapboard and a wood deck. As the exterior work commenced, Stumer remained mindful of the interior.

References are made to it in medical texts dating back to the 17th sweeping a finger under the tongue to see if you can feel a ‘fence’ or a ‘speed bump’.

Myers, who served years as state attorney general, was perhaps most famous for successfully defending the state’s death with dignity law all the way to the United States Supreme Court, which ruled for Oregon. On a personal level, Myers and Mary Ann raised their three sons in this home, staying there until Myers died in Get all the latest information on what’s happening in your community by signing up for Patch’s newsletters and breaking news alerts.

This listing originally appeared on realtor. For more information and photos, click here. Patch is a space for neighborhood news.

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Differential effects of targeted tongue exercise and treadmill running on aging tongue muscle structure and contractile properties. Age-associated changes in tongue muscle structure and strength may contribute to dysphagia in elderly people. Tongue exercise is a current treatment option. We hypothesized that targeted tongue exercise and nontargeted exercise that activates tongue muscles as a consequence of increased respiratory drive, such as treadmill running, are associated with different patterns of tongue muscle contraction and genioglossus GG muscle biochemistry.

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By Trini , January 9, in The Flash. Not from watching that trailer. In that trailer, Iris has no line of dialogue and appears for less than 0. Compare that to Barry saying things like “I knew you” to Caitlin and several such moments. Westallen has succeeded on this show despite not because of the showrunners’s investment in it. No, I agree, from the original trailer, it did look like Caitlin was being set up as an option, but as MG constantly bemoans over on Arrow, he and the other show runners are not in control of the CW’s trailers.

Still, stuff like that lingers. I do remember vividly how the fandom initially reacted and there was a lot of people that were ready to get on board Snowbarry because of those early trailers and I was one of them since i knew and liked DP from other stuff she’d done. I didn’t care about the Flash’s history so I was all for it. Only, I really felt that the writing for the show shut down the idea of Iris being anything but the actual end game within the first few episodes.

And the interviews coming from Kreisberg and Co also seemed to really shut that down hard even before the series started.

Portland House For Sale In Laurelhurst Was Hardy Myers’ Home

When producing single-shell tunnels excavated by shield, the dimensions of the segments — defined by the segment tolerances, are of enormous significance regarding the attainable quality Fig. There were no detailed requirements governing tolerances in Germany for producing segment elements until the DB Guideline DS This Deutsche Bahn Guideline formed the basis for subsequent tolerance requirements in tenders for segments both for rail and road tunnels.

The as from June 1, revised DS , subsequently known as Ril , largely took over these specifications, which until then constituted the valid parameters for planning tunnels made with segments. This also essentially applies to updates, currently with effect from March 1, This report first examines the historical background of these regulations and their further development, findings obtained in practice and the significance of tolerance requirements for producing a qualitatively high-grade tunnel with a single shell.

Comparative morphology of the primate tongue. Article Estimated dates of divergence between the nine primate species are extracted from Pozzi et al. (​).

Howie nailed it on the first try, managed to catch a license plate number, and a killer was apprehended in hours. He nailed the wood over the window while she cleaned the rest of the glass from the counter. His head and hands were sent to Rome and nailed to the rostra, after Fulvia, wife of Antony and widow of Clodius, had thrust a hairpin through the tongue.

Motawakkil, in , formulated an edict by which these sectaries were compelled to wear a distinctive dress and to distinguish their houses by a figure of the devil nailed to the door, excluding them at the same time from all public employments, and forbidding them to send their children to Moslem schools. At the centre of the vision appeared a cross, and the seraph was nailed to it. Several times during summer the trees ought to be regularly examined, and the young shoots respectively topped or thinned out; those that remain are to be nailed to the wall, or braced in with pieces of slender twigs, and the trees ought occasionally to be washed with the garden engine or thoroughly syringed, especially during very hot summers.

The actors nailed down the personalities of the characters really well and you’d be hard-pressed to find an animated movie that has done better. Once there however, Quinn had nailed the time perfectly as Howie saw our target approach the window! The scents of fresh bread and some sort of meat cooking nearly nailed her to the ground as she rounded the corner. The famous theses which Luther nailed to the door of the church at Wittenberg in cannot be called a confession, but they expressed a protest which could not rest there.

Rodents may be characterized as terrestrial, or in some cases arboreal or aquatic, placental mammals of small or medium size, with a milk and a permanent series of teeth, plantigrade or partially plantigrade, and generally five-toed, clawed rarely nailed or semi hoofed feet, clavicles or collar-bones occasionally imperfect or rudimentary , no canine teeth, and a single pair of lower incisors, opposed by only one similar and functional pair in the upper jaw.

The Schlosskirche, to the doors of which Luther nailed his famous ninety-five theses in , dates from ; it was, however, seriously damaged by fire during the bombardment of , was practically rebuilt, and has since been restored. These main shoots were not again to be shortened back, but from each of them three young shoots were to be selected and trained in two, on the upper side, one near the base, and the other halfway up, and one on the lower side placed about midway between these two; these with the leading shoot, which was also to be nailed in, made four branches of the current year from each of the ten main branches, and the form of the tree would therefore be that of fig.

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Wood is everywhere. Think about it We use trees as shelter, food, fuel, furniture, sports equipment, synthetic cloth, huge ultra-modern windmill propellers, patterns for metalwork, and a myriad of other uses. The history and decline of civilizations can be traced by their use and sometimes overuse of wood resources.

‘The rough stucco was replaced with random-length tongue-and-groove boards to ‘Cyclists were instructed to ride over the boards at slow speed twice to get a feel for ‘Two prominent dating experts have been brought on board to assist.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. How old is my house? This article series provides a photo guide to determining the age of a building by examination of the architectural style of construction or the building materials and components that were used in the structure.

Here we list some helpful clues to answer the question “how old is the house? The age of a building can be determined quite accurately by documentation, but when documents are not readily available, visual clues such as those available during a professional home inspection can still determine when a house was built by examining its components, building materials, even nails, fasteners, and types of saw cuts on lumber. How to determine the age of a building – Building component age: construction materials, methods, including hardware, saw cuts, and other details can help determine when a building was constructed or when it was modified.

Visual clues pointed out by a home inspector or available to any careful building inspector can help indicate the age of a building. Keep in mind that even when we can identify specific types of building materials and building methods, precise dating of the time of construction of a building remains difficult: old building materials were often re-used, so beams, siding, and other components may appear in a building built later than when the materials were first made.

Also, in the U.

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But then it should settle down to a regular beat. There is also a loud knocking noise you can hear from inside the car. My walking belt does not appear worn or frayed. When I start my 02 C, I get this knocking noise in a rhythm behind the radio. The Orion Labs Onyx apparently functions like a walkie-talkie, albeit with unlimited range and channels.

tasks, including cutting dadoes, rabbets, grooves, and tongues. These The earliest known planes, dating from were boiled for a day or longer to speed.

You can be depressed and lonely, or you can celebrate your new freedom, have fun, and get back out there. No one is sad when there are good beats and eats to go around, and anyone you strike up a convo or dance with at Lunch Beat will be incredibly friendly. Check out the FB page for upcoming events! Why Crossfit you ask? Well because of the community aspect.

Plus there’s nothing better than being surrounded by a classroom full of sculpted, sweating men and women. The vibe at the Apple Store is definitely conducive for meeting someone and offers a great opportunity to strike up a conversation. Whether your a seemingly clueless girl who gets the sexy sale rep’s number for tech support or a savy dude who offers his services to a gal with a new product she is hopelessly unable to install on her own, this place is key.

Try out the MOAC.

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An interactive digital museum located at the conference’s headquarters in Rosemont, Ill. The museum is open 8 a. Monday through Friday and 11 a.

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Our restaurant experience combines new concepts in food, beverage, entertainment and ambience. The spacious venue allows for several individual experiences in a variety of indoor and outdoor areas, including a rooftop bar and an outdoor patio. The mural displays the face of an anonymous woman surrounded by pink, purple, and blue flowers. Patrons can expect a trendy atmosphere with stylish touches such as custom metal chandeliers, liquid metal mirrors and a candle wall.

And upstairs on the rooftop, the bar features a graphic tile motif in black and white and plants overhead, along with high tables and two large flat-screen televisions. Private Events. Located in the heart of Clarendon, Wilson Hardware is a multi-level contemporary American restaurant. Make Reservations. Downloadable Menus:.

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All tickets are final sale and cannot be exchanged or refunded. Before purchasing your tickets, we urge you to confirm the title, time and location of the event. Add to Calendar.

such as tongue-and-groove (a modified mortise-and-tenon), are used only for Innovations have included high-speed machine wood preparation and.

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